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Statistics, Minor

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Twenty units of mathematics or statistics are required, at least 6 of which must be at the upper-division level, not including MATH 300A, MATH 300B, MATH 330, MATH 375, MATH 395, or MATH 399. Courses required for the minor are MATH 165, MATH 265, either MATH 367 or MATH 381, and either MATH 445 or MATH 465. Note that both MATH 445 and MATH 465 have multiple semesters of calculus as pre-requisites. Also note that students pursuing more than one minor offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics may not apply the units earned in a given course towards satisfying the requirements of more than one minor. Anyone who plans to pursue the Minor in Statistics should consult with an advisor no later than the end of the sophomore year in order to plan properly.

For more information, please consult Statistics, Minor in the Catalog.