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Prospective Students 

The Math & Stats Department at Sonoma State is excited that you're considering SSU. Most students take at least one course in our department, and we're committed to helping all students—whether you have one class or many in our department—have a great experience. As our mission says, "we invite and welcome students from all educational and cultural backgrounds to join us in creating an active, collaborative learning community that celebrates the complexity, beauty, and applicability of mathematics and statistics."

A few things that set our department apart

  • Mathematics and statistics are learned by doing them, not listening and watching others do them. We are committed to active learning in our courses.
  • We offer several general education courses for you to choose from, so you are sure to find a quantitative reasoning course that matches your interests or major.
  • Our Math Lab, an open study room, is the hub of our department community. You will find peers to work with and instructors to help you make sense of math and stats!

Looking to declare a Mathematics or Statistics major? 

Please review the advising plans and flowcharts on the Student Forms page and set up an advising appointment with one of our Faculty Advisors. 

For additional program information, please consult our Degree Programs page. 

Unclear on who your advisor is? Consult the Where to Seek Advising page of the Advising Center's website.

First-Year Students

All students: The California State University requires you to take your quantitative reasoning general education (GE Area B4) course during your first year at SSU. Before your summer orientation or summer bridge program, you will be pre-enrolled in a GE quantitative reasoning course appropriate for your declared major. This ensures that you can get a seat in the class.

If you want to change your pre-enrolled GE B4 class (either because your desired major has changed or the enrolled class doesn't match your interests), come to summer orientation or summer bridge prepared to talk with advisors about your desired alternative. You can see our recommendations on this list of GE math/stats courses.

Unclear on who your advisor is? Consult the Where to Seek Advising page of the Advising Center's website. 

Transfer Students

Looking to transfer: Please consult the Admission Requirements for Transfers page of our Admissions Website. 

Recently Accepted: Please consult the Advising & Transfer Center to set up an advising appointment.

Contact our Department Chair, Susan Herring (, or our Administrative Coordinator, Robbin Elliott Cortez (email, if you have any additional questions. 

Unclear on who your advisor is? Consult the Where to Seek Advising page of the Advising Center's website.

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors

Last names A through M

Last names N through Z

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisors

Multiple Subject (elementary) Undergraduate Advisor

Single Subject concentration and Foundational Level credential (secondary) Undergraduate Advisors

Single Subject Post-B.A. questions

For questions about the CSET Mathematics exams

For questions about the Mathematics credential program

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Coordinator

Math Club Advisor

Pi Mu Epsilon Advisor