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Grading Philosophy and Grading Policy

Our grading policy is guided by the following formal statement of a grading philosophy as adopted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. First, we describe our view of what is meant by the central grade of "C" and then we base our determination of the other grades upon this central grade.

Grade of C

A grade of C implies that the student should have a mastery of the basic content of a mathematics or statistics course, which usually consists of a body of knowledge, interrelated concepts, and various techniques. The student is able to work routine problems in a timely manner and demonstrate clarity and good organization in presenting solutions and in describing concepts.

Grade of A

The key criteria are: ability to synthesize and evidence of creativity. The student should have accomplished an independent connection of the course work with ideas and methods that lie outside of the material actually covered in class. There should be examples of novel solutions to routine problems and self-generated insight into solutions of non-routine problems.The exposition should be clear and concise and elegant.

Grade of F

This grade represents pervasive failure to understandcourse content. This may manifest itself by persistent failure to work routine problems, the lack of clear exposition, or failure to complete required work in an accurate and timely fashion.

Grade of B

Intermediate to A and C; having all the qualities of C and some of those of A.

Grade of D

Intermediate to C and F. Routine problems can be successfully worked only sporadically or clear expositions can sometimes be achieved but not with sufficient frequency to earn the grade of C.

Policy on Grade of Incomplete

It is the policy of the Department of Mathematics that a grade of incomplete (I) shall be used only when the faculty member concludes that a clearly identifiable portion of course requirements cannot be met within the academic term for unforeseeable but fully justified reasons.

The condition for removal of the incomplete shall be entered on the "Request for Incomplete" form and a copy filed in the department office prior to listing an I on the Grade Roster. The student must retain the grades for any coursework that was due prior to the incomplete being assigned. The student must be passing the course at the time the incomplete is assigned. An incomplete shall not be assigned when it is necessary for the student to attend a major portion of the class when it is next offered, or when unmet course requirements constitute more than 25% of the nonfinal exam portion of the class grade. In other words, if a student needs to repeat a class, an incomplete should not be given.

Note: The completed "Request for Incomplete" form must be on file in the Department of Mathematics office before you turn in your grade roster.