Spring 2021 Math Fest Announcement

Come learn, celebrate, and connect with us!
March 11, 2021
Math Fest Spring 2021

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

  • Virtual Gallery of Scholarly and Creative Work
    • Details TBD
  • M*A*T*H Colloquium: Social Justice, “Citizenship,” Community, & Math Education, Carrie Diaz Eaton, Bates College
    • Information is a form of power, and our students consume and produce more unfiltered information than ever. They need agency as individuals and tools as members of a future workforce to ethically and responsibly process this information. What is the role of mathematics instruction in helping students in their role as digital citizens? I will talk about my information literacy course using Open Educational Resources, including Calling Bull, Figure of the Day, and RStudio. This course serves as a forum to think meaningfully about probability, data analysis, and data visualization; a gentle introduction to programming; and a context to examine the interplay of information, power, and social justice. It also asks students to use these tools to explore and develop their own agency as digital citizens. I close by examining the narrative of citizenship in the context of digital studies, in the context of mathematics, and in the context of Latinx displacement and immigration.
    • @ 4PM on Zoom
  • Departmental Award Ceremony
    • @6PM on Zoom

For more information, contact the Math & Stats Department.